Am486DX2-80NV8T was an 80486-compatible microprocessor introduced by AMD in 1995 following the conclusion of the legal battle with Intel. This processor had a clock multiplier of 2 having base frequency of 80 MHz with a bus frequency of 40 MHz. This model is is a modified version of Am486DX2-80V8T (and earlier Am486DX2-80) that no longer included Intel’s ICE microcode.


General Info
Designer: AMD
Manufacturer: AMD
Model Number: Am486DX2-80NV8T
Part Number: A80486DX2-80NV8T
Introduction: August, 1995 (launched)

General Specs
Family: Am486
Series: Am486DX2V
Frequency: 80 MHz
Bus type: FSB
Bus speed: 40 MHz
Bus rate: 40 MT/s
Clock multiplier: 2

Microarchitecture: 80486
Core Name: 486DX2V
Process: 500 nm
Technology: CMOS
Word Size: 32 bit
Cores: 1
Max CPUs: 1 (Uniprocessor)
Max Memory: 4 GiB

Vcore: 3.3 V ± 0.3 V
OP Temperature: 0 °C – 85 °C